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About EZYspec

EzySpec is an end to end solution for architects and designers to prepare finishes schedules, scope their projects and collaborate on the architectural specification.

With an extensive database of product details, EzySpec provides an easy way for manufacturers to maintain their product information, gain insight into their usage and promote them to architects.

Want Australia’s largest Architects to specify your products?

So how does it work? Here’s the simplest way we could think to show it.
It’s that easy for the Architect to select your products.
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EzySpec was developed with SCL Schumann, the leading specification consulting company in Australia, the Middle East and the UK.

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Who Uses EZYspec

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You may have noticed some changes to our website and portal.
EzySpec is now part of NBS Source.

From now on you can log in to the EzySpec portal under the ‘Platform’ menu on the NBS Australia website

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